Sivko Fur, Incorporated - Tanning for Taxidermy. The BEST tannery for taxidermists around the world. Sivko Fur is located in upstate New York
SIVKO FUR INC. is a Full Service Tannery for the Taxidermy Industry providing the following services: USDA certified for safaris, wholesale fleshing, wet and dry tanning, and rugging.


We are the Fastest Full Service Commercial Tannery ~ Our Standard Turnaround Times:

  North American wet tan: 8-10 weeks.
North American dry tan: 4-6 months.
African or big North American wet tan: 9-12 months.
African or big North American dry tan: 12 months.

All pictures taken within a 3 mile radius of our property. Courtesy of Richard Sills. Unless otherwise noted.

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